The Letter

Emily and Chris

Staring at the window, Emily noticed the letter in her pocket. She doesn’t want to open and read it again. Until she saw Chris, outside the school gate, walking without a care in the world. “It felt like it was only yesterday”, Emily whispered to herself.

[Having a *FLASHBACK*]

Chris and I were very close to each other, we were classmates, always teasing one another, it’s as if we can’t be separated.

Months have passed my heart’s pounding and it’s very beat makes me weak, it’s like I’m gonna explode or something. I didn’t know what to do, that I decided to tell my closest friends all about it. I asked for some advice but when I’m around him, it’s getting a little tense. Until the time comes that I don’t approach him anymore. I don’t want to risk our friendship at the same time, I don’t wanna lose him.

Then day, he gave me a letter. I became nervous to read it, but tried to have a neutral reaction about it. I gave him a response, and then we personally talked about, why are we like this, why are we like that. And in some way, we were close again, as if nothing happened. But, there’s always a tension between us, that I can’t really explain.

Then one day, he texted me, saying, he loves me. At first I didn’t believe it, it’s a shock. He texted me again, saying, it’s all true. We texted that night then later on said goodbyes.

In the morning, we’re gonna meet at the school front gate, everything’s pretty awkward, while I’m remembering what’s my response to him that night. I said I love him back. From time to time, we were like a couple, but we’re not. It’s kindda cool for me, so we can have some more time together, getting to know More about each other. What More could I know. =D

But things got messy and we have complications. Then sometimes we barely notice each other anymore. It really confuses me. As time goes by, we are like strangers again. It hurts me a lot, because I thought we have something good going on, but maybe I was wrong.

A year passed, little by little I’m used to not talking to him anymore. I just want to let him go. Move on. It’s not easy but I have to. That’s life.


If, were not meant to be, it’s time for me to wake up and realize everything that I’ve missed. As I stood by the window, I just smiled, grab my bag then move forward.

Kept that letter as a memory.

A short story by yours truly. =)

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Lovely Bones

Lovely Bones

She died. Yes… that’s the intro of that movie.

Her name is Salmon, like the fish.

First name is Susie. Age fourteen.

Was murdered December 6, 1973.

This movie really felt like I was there. I can actually relate to the story.

There are some things that you won’t understand unless you let it be and make it pass you by.

A year ago, I didn’t quite understand why I’ve felt so lonely. The unity of friendship is lost. We’re like branches in a big tree. We’re all together but we can’t see each other’s point of view. Up there we have a different sense of communicating with each other… but somehow… I got stuck in the middle. The soil that kept the tree alive just came loose and we didn’t get a hold of each other but rather thought of the things that might be best for us. But that doesn’t mean that every decision is right… and the question is… what’s the relevance of making any decision that you think it’s right? A person who have a wide capacity of thinking things through will not ignore the obvious and will care about things that matters most.

I thought I gave up a long time ago… and i didn’t. I hold on to the branches that I know they’re worth hanging out with. Nothing really leaves my mind, especially about the past.

That’s why when I’ve watched the ‘Lovely Bones’ … it made me realize what I’m missing. I’m missing myself. My old self.

People somewhere or somehow… they move on. It’s a part of life that we need to take. There won’t be anything in this world that we cannot do. Everything is controllable. You just need to focus.

Susie accepted the path that she needs to take. It’s not that she doesn’t have a choice but it’s the truth that we must understand. Letting go can change you. It can change anybody. Your soul will be free and you don’t have any worries anymore.

ai’m now relieved. Everything is alright now. I guess it is time for us to see that we can never go back to the days we wished  that’s supposed to happen but that’s how I look at it. It’s not the same as before but we found peace in our hearts.

I’m glad to feel this kind of happiness.

Susie gave a huge impact in my heart.

A good example of showing everyone about the 5 Stages of Loss.

The greatest  moment that I’ve seen is the time that she have took the road where her soul will never hold a grudge for someone who killed her. Too late to blame that person.

They said that this movie is depressing. Yes, I was depressed about it too and some other kind of feelings:







Lovely Bones.

Susie Salmon

Susie Salmon


Here’s the trailer:

If there’s a will, there’s a way

Everybody says, if there’s a will, there will always be a way.

Oh yeah, well, that’s true. I know it’s not applicable to any situation because we have our own reasons and it really depends on how you look at it, if it’s possible or not.

In my case, I always look for a better way to lighten up my day. I don’t want to frown just because of a broken plan. I will find a way to make the plan work.

So my story is about a Girl who’s planning to learn more about html codes. She learned the basics a long time ago, while she’s still studying, and then at present she’s still at it. It was never too late to learn.

Back in her college days, their professor made them create a Periodic Table and practice it ‘cause it’s their midterm exam/finals? Not exactly sure, well anyway, there they were, focused on the said assignment. And she’s very excited. Then when the exam came, she rushed to the computer then without any hustle she finished the Periodic Table before the time is up. She practiced the html codes on their computer with a Windows 98 OS, almost every day, to make it perfect. The effort really paid off. She even made a questionnaire, all by herself. It’s nothing really, but it’s great to build something out of your own hands right? =)

the Periodic Table using Win98 OS

Time’s passed and now she has a job, but still she didn’t want to stop reading stuff and writing something ridiculously interesting on her blog.

One time, she sits still in front of her laptop wondering, “What if I encode html codes again?” then the idea came flowing down inside her head, a light bulb came out of nowhere, then poof it became coco crunch. LoL.

One day, she started searching for codes. A lot of them they are. She started practicing. She even got the idea of copying the codes on the periodic table that she made 2 years ago. The computer is now residing under the stairs with dusts and cobwebs. She cleaned it then hopefully would be able to boot it.

When they rearranged some furniture around the house, the cables for the computer was hard to find. She looked for it, “I must find it, I’ll not stop”

Blessing came, she found it. Plugged the computer up, hoping it would still function. The PC booted. “I missed the Windows 98 UI.”, she laughs at herself.

She then found the file that she had made, the dilemma came uprising through her face. She can’t copy it with the laptop because the win98 comp is in Japanese(though we can understand it a bit, thanks for the help of the icons) and the pc’s not accepting any usb’s, it only has the diskette drive. And the thing is, they don’t have an adapter. They only have one for both computers. She got a pen and a paper then started jotting down the codes.

Her mother came by, then told her, “Why can’t you just get your camera and take a picture of it, so it would save you time and energy?”

She laughed so hard and can’t even imagine why. She didn’t remember her newly bought cam. “If there’s a will, there’s a way!, I went to a lot of trouble just to have these basic html codes on this Win98 based Japanese Computer…”

After everything else, she’s now ready to hassle. Booted the laptop, and there she went.

No matter how you look at it. Life has its own meaning on how to get things done.

Never give up on a tiny little thing, hence how would you know how to handle a situation when the time comes that much bigger things will go your way?

Nothing’s impossible, only if it’s improbable.

To me, Small Things really matters. Bigger things are a different story.

By the way, I’m the GIRL. =)


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Cast Away

Cast Away

A  movie where Tom Hanks starred in, is an incredible success. He’s Chuck Noland. He belongs to a Fed Ex family whom had a plane crash accident and is a person who’s really accurate about Time. He has or rather had a girlfriend that he lost when he’s stuck on a remote island that no one knows where he might be.

The story is focused on Chuck’s ways of keeping himself alive as possible.

That’s how life works, isn’t it?

It will give a hell of a mess. A big dump of losing hope and letting yourself be a person who went totally insane because you’ve been talking to a volleyball whose name is Mr. Wilson. Well, I like that ball. But we can never blame Chuck of having such feelings as if he just wanted to die. He actually tried to hang himself but it go through as planned.

Hope is what matters most. If you have a lot of this in your heart, you’ll surely live. But there are times that, you’ll gain your life back, but… it will not go back to the way it’s suppose to be. Life deals with the desire that you really wanted to reach again with your hands and it will not give you that. It’ll give you something to figure out yourself.

We encounter misery, or even despair in one’s life. We can’t explain thoroughly how we’re going to tag along with the pain that’s been eating us since we can’t see any hope at all.

Yes. We struggle, but it’s part of it. It’s a test. Whether you like it or not, be ready. You’ll never know when our time runs out.

I, myself, have realized that, there’s still something that we can go and look forward to. It’s not a thing that we specifically wanted but, it’ll be better than that.

and don’t forget, every person have their own ‘Mr. Wilson’. It played well on Chuck’s life. Creating a boat to escape is one thing that you will think about once you are stranded. Who wouldn’t thought of that? Well, I can’t. I don’t know how to. Haha.

But then Chuck is rescued after 4 years. He is found. Got a neat shave. They told him they even had a funeral for him. The heartbreaking news is about his love of his life, Kelly, married to another man. He returned the clock that is given to him. He kept her picture.

He continued his life and didn’t expect anything more.

Don’t give up. Keep on moving forward.

Cast Away

Cast Away

Here’s the trailer of Cast Away:


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The Imaginarium of Emily : The Johnny Depp Project

I’m ready!

I’m a fan of Mr. Stench a.k.a. John Christopher Depp III a.k.a. JOHNNY DEPP.

I have been day dreaming about Johnny almost everyday, thinking that one day, I’m gonna finally meet him.


*serene music*

One time, when I was cutting Johnny Depp’s Picture out of a magazine, a strange vision came out before my eyes.

A vivid imagination came straight right through me, as if I’m in another world.

As I realized it, I’m like in a dream. I don’t wanna wake up but, we can’t fight reality, well anyway, that’s how it is.

Going back, I saw myself, hiding behind the bushes with a telescope on one hand, then a Jellyfish net(Spongebobs’) on the other and a binocular that hanged around my neck.

I became a stalker. Golly Me. From a distance, there he was, just like Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight, his skin is glimmering from the sun’s rays, his devious but innocent eyes sparkling, his hair has it’s own critical way of falling in front of his forehead, and a glance that is very hard to ignore, his movement. =D

Little did I knew, I had a shotgun hanging on my back as if I’m gonna go hunt some deers or something.

Am I going to kill him? or just simply stalk him? hahahaha… hard to know, but I’m eager to find out.

But I will stay far away from him, so here I am.

He’s at an Italian restaurant, alone, drinking a fresh white wine on his right hand, listening to music, while doing something with his Laptop. I hope he’s twittering me. =D

Me singing : ” Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy ….. but here’s my number….. so call me, maybe?”

hahahahaha… what a nice way to have a big laugh *giggle*

I’m still at my post, looking through my binos, waiting there for every motion that I see.

Oh, gosh… How I wish I could be there beside him, with a guitar while singing *Pangarap lang kita*. I’m gonna translate it to english so he would understand. =)

Then a girl came, greeted him, I’m ready to pull the trigger of my shotgun but anyway, It’s just a “Hello”.

And when I thought about it, my cover will be compromised so I musn’t. Kindda Morbid eih? hahaha. just kidding.

I got hungry so I laid a blanket near the tree of wisdom(I hope the Zombies will not attack while I’m eating. Hope not (“,))

I laid the mushroom soup, next to my plate. Some Garlic seasoned bread on a wooden basket, near a whole baked chicken. I must not forget, the PIZZA. Yahoo. I ate and I’m so full that nearly can’t breathe. LoL. And lots of Water. Almost 3 liters. Whoa. What a snack(oh yeah, you read it right, It’s just Snack time) *evil laugh*

Johnny’s been sitting there for almost two hours.

I decided. “It’s time”.

I lose my telescope laid it on the ground. I took off my binos, then I got rid of my Bazooka. Wait a sec, this is a Shotgun a while ago?

Oh well, That’s how my imagination works. LoL.

I wore my Johnny Depp Shirt. Said to myself, “I’m Ready”.

As I was walking towards him, I felt goosebumps running through my spine. Nervousness and Excitement.

Can’t take my eyes off of Dear Johnny. A wind blows through him, then it passed me, and oh gracious, I like his scent, his cologne.

He, then, noticed me standing in front of him. If it wasn’t for that table between us, I can have him already.

I crooked a gentle smile, looking at him with such ease and with a joyful heart. “At last, I’ve done it”.

He just stared, looking at me, confused but intrigued.

My smile disappeared.

I was about to leave…. then I heard my name.


I spun so suddenly that I didn’t even have time to react.

From a Hug.

of a friend … (awww… Expectaions will try to, really, really hurt you…)

I don’t know what to do, or say.

I glanced at my friends back, then Johnny’s not there anymore.

My world vanishes. It turned to dust.

And me?

Without anything to admit, without anything to see. I just stood there.

Waved goodbye to my friend. But I still stood there. In front of the table where Johnny sitted for almost 2 hours, drinking nothing but White Wine. Cold left it, but the warm of his hand stayed.

Just a blink of an eye, I was back to where it began.

Cutting his picture out of the mag.

“What an awful story. Disappointed?”, he murmurs.

“Yeah, but you know Johnny, you were much charming in reality than in my dreams”, I answered.

“Aww, C’mon you!”, Johnny dazzled, then gave me an incredible Hug that I could ever dreamed it would be.

Y’know what, we never know when our own imagination would stop. Then Don’t think about the ending.

Keep Believing.

Just Keep Dreaming.


Happy Reading (“,)


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A View of Ones Passenger …


I took this picture on Nov. 16, 2012. Right before my Birthday. =)

I don’t know why or how this idea occurred to me, but every time I take a ride from a Jeepney(Philippine Vehicle and for a public transportation),  I always look at the driver. I didn’t mean anything about it, I’m just wondering how it be like a Jeepney driver. Every now and then, I always sit next to the driver and I realize how it be like to be driving all day long, including the weather’s mood. Sometimes it would be extremely hot. Sometimes it would be cold. But no matter what the weather is, there will be an available jeepney on the road.

Just like a Cab driver. But they are in an aircon vehicle so maybe they have the advantage of having a comfortable place. But anyway, people will somehow manage to hit the road to earn some extra cash just to survive. I often see the family of the driver, sitting next to him. They are capable of living this way, and I appreciate these people. Because even though they’re having such a hard time, their will to live is their strength. They’re giving convenience to people who’ll go to a place to visit another.

There’s an instance that they will crowd their ride with 20 passengers. So many right? People comes in different sizes and we assume that all of them can get a comfortable seat once they’re there. Then there would be a time that a guy would not adjust for the the girl. That’s what annoys me the most. Well, can’t change human nature. Anyway, it’s none of my concern in the first place. In my way, I always prioritize people which have reached aged and also for ladies and young ones. It makes my heart grow fonder and it’s a blessing to help other people in the simplest way.

I don’t notice people around me but I’m aware who’s the next person sitting beside me. Some of the time, there would be a cute baby boy that will smile at me, and I was like, smiling back at him. cute. =)

There’s every joy within everyone’s reach. We just have to treasure it.

It seems that in a short period of time we don’t usually see the little things in life. I had so many questions and yet it’s hard to look for the answer. I need to look around a bit. More to explore.

I became curious for the jeepney’s and yet that’s one of the Filipinos culture. We are the only one who have them. They have mostly cabs and vans on some other countries.

And I, as the writer of this blog wants to experience how to drive. Out of curiosity, I want to be a jeepney driver for a day. Even though I don’t have a single idea how to drive, still, I want to. I know the hardship will be present at a time like that, so I want to see if I’m capable of doing it. There’s no fun if we limit ourselves, just make sure that it’s right. If it’s wrong… just assume that it is right. Haha. Kidding.

I must say that Filipino drivers tend to be good at math. Do you know why? well, the passengers will give the driver their fare, then while he’s driving, he’ll give the change of every passenger there. He also knows how to multi-task, right? =)

If you want something done, you’ll make a way to make it done.

My favorite spot would be next to the window where I’m near the driver’s seat. It’s more quiet and convenient for me so I could get off of it fast and easy.

So I welcome you to driving! =D

I’m sorry for my grammar, I’ll just correct it some other time, It’s kindda late and I have an afternoon shift and I’m also kind of sleepy, so, till we meet again!

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The Dog who saw the Rainbow

From the movie, Kate and Leopold (Starring Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan).

To tell you the synopsis of the story, (Disclaimer: not being a spoiler but hey, you can skip this part if you want), Leopold is from the past and Kate is from the present. Stuart is the one who discovered a crack in time and that’s the reason why he is able to run to Leopold who actually followed him back to the present and that’s how Leopold met Kate.

It’s like a dream come true but Kate doesn’t believe in fairy tales and it’s not what’s happening in real life from what she experienced before. She’s a tough one but Leo melted that ice and showed her how a man should treat a woman. A true gentleman.

Kate doesn’t believe that Leo is a duke from his time. Then that’s how Stuart needs to go back to them to make Leo go to his real time. Stuart is in the hospital and that’s how we are able to get a good example on how to tell something about TIME, and how to give you an idea on how to look at the bigger picture of TIME.

Stuart: It is no more crazy than a dog finding a rainbow. Dogs are colorblind, Gretchen. They don’t see color. Just like we don’t see time. We can feel it, we can feel it passing, but we can’t see it. It’s just like a blur. It’s like we’re riding in a supersonic train and the world is just blowing by, but imagine if we could stop that train, eh, Gretchen? Imagine if we could stop that train, get out, look around, and see time for what it really is? A universe, a world, a thing as unimaginable as color to a dog, and as real, as tangible as that chair you’re sitting in. Now if we could see it like that, really look at it, then maybe we could see the flaws as well as the form. And that’s it; it’s that simple. That’s all I discovered. I’m just a… a guy who saw a crack in a chair that no one else could see. I’m that dog who saw a rainbow, only none of the other dogs believed me.

Gretchen: I believe you.

We have to admit it, that we can’t see time. We can’t play with it and we can’t reach it. The only thing that we can do about it is to go along with it. It’s our choice on how we can use or spend it wisely. And let’s say, you’ve watched Kate and Leopold? Would you possibly believe that you can go back in TIME? and let’s say, you can change something from the past, are you going to change it?

We are indeed were greedy about changing anything that we’ve done wrong, but aren’t you proud of yourself now because you’re not going to be the person you are today if you’ll not commit any mistakes? If everything is perfect in your own world and you’re not going to see the flaws that’s in it, you’ll not grow. You’ll not know how to make sacrifices. You’ll not know how to create the decisions that’s supposedly the things that you have and need to do.

But if you really see Time, are you also the same person who’s like the dog who saw the rainbow? That they are actually color blind but that dog saw the colors of that rainbow however no one can actually believe you? Well.. it’s how you say it to people. It’s how you can make them believe that you really saw it and make them feel that it’s true. It’s crazy sometimes to know that they can’t see the things that you wanted them to see. Some are numb, some are cold, some won’t care on what you’re talking about. What’s more important is to realize that you don’t have to force yourself to do it. Just try to let them know about your crazy thoughts then let them decide from there whether they’re going to believe you or not.

But it’s such a very interesting topic that we really can’t see time. Even if we have these 5 senses, we can’t reach it. we can just feel it. It’s not really fast, it’s just that we don’t mind it if we’re enjoying something that we do that is worthwhile or it’s not slow if we’re so bored with our daily lives. If it’s about time, we can’t avoid it. We can’t stop it… we can’t even pause it. It’s not like having a universal remote where we can go back in time and re-do everything again. We’re going to miss the fun part of our lives. The part where we’re supposed to say sorry instead of saying thank you. Where we can say goodbye, instead of saying hello and where we can tell them that they can leave, instead of saying, they can stay. There are a lot of possibilities where you can’t do that anymore because you already corrected it, but it will give you the certain truth that those feelings are not true anymore. It would be best to leave things the way they are now.

Sometimes, I felt like i’m also the dog who saw the rainbow. I can feel the sense of time everywhere I go. I know that it’s kind of selfish of me but I don’t care what other people think of me. I don’t want to care if they don’t want to believe me. I will stand for what i believe in. I want to stand for what I know is right. I might stand for being able to see the things that normal people don’t see. (I don’t mean ghosts). I want to stand because I know and I’m confident that I’m different. I’m a bit odd and I like it much better than being a normal person. What’s normal anyway? Nah. I don’t want to think about it.

Everything happens for a reason. In Time.

[Spoiler Ending: Don’t continue to read if you don’t want to be spoiled, this is your warning…]

Leo went back to his time.

Kate saw the pictures that she actually went to the past. She realized where she truly belongs.

She jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge and found Leopold and his glad to see her again.


Here’s the trailer of Kate and Leopold:

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