Hey 2017


Hey 2017 !

It’s been a new year that’s waiting ahead of us, so what are we waiting for? Haha.

This is actually a new blog. my old one was, mynameishungry.wordpress.com. I’m still gonna keep that blog because that’s my original masterpiece. *smirks*. Just kidding.

I just want something new. Something fresh. I’m not gonna abandon my old self but maybe it’s not bad to keep on moving forward and start a new adventure. Start something fresh and we’ll see from there. It’s not bad to have progress and it’s a good thing to embrace new challenges, new goals, newly explored places and the likes.

Maybe I can feature movies, places, food and several things that I’d like to consider that my conscious mind will allow me to understand and let you comprehend. You’ll get used to me. You’ll see. I don’t bite. Haha.

A lot has happened. People loved me, hated me, and left me. It’s kinda sad and when I think about it it’s pretty depressing. It’s hard to overcome something like this when you have encountered it unexpectedly. We’ll I have to deal with it eventually.

In any case, I’ll try not to print out any specific information here and try to make it in general as possible but if it came to that, well I guess, I’ll keep it as it is.

Another thing. My favorite word is Peculiar. Even before I knew about the book of Miss Peregrines’s Home for Peculiar Children and even before there was a movie  adaptation about it, I liked the word Peculiar first. Just saying. I came in first. Not like I really own the word, but I want it. Just for me. Can I keep it? Forever? Haha.

Well, you’ll be hearing a lot about me for the following days, months, and years to come. I’d be happy to let you explore the weirdness and a whole lot more.

Welcome to my world.

always the Odd one,




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