A familiar hug

A hug is more than a thousand words. 

When I saw her… and yeah we have this moment that we lost a friend. A classmate. It seems like it’s automatic. 

We hugged. 

So tight. It’s like nothing ever happened between us. Maybe we just disregarded the things that doesn’t matter anymore. We knew at that moment that we really needed the hug that we deserved for a long time. 

I felt that she meant it. She meant that hug because she’s sad and at the same time, maybe at some point that we missed each other. I didn’t ask for further clarifications. We just did what we had to do. I didn’t have second thoughts. 

And I missed her. I missed her hug. Our conversations. Our debates. Our differences. Our similarities. 

Im glad that we met again. I can’t say if we will be friends again just like what we were before. It’s okay for me to hope or it’s also okay if we will stay like this too. 

It’s totally fine if we already have different lives now. Im still glad that it happened. We had an awesome adventure as I think about it. 

Im happy that once again, I’m able to hug my friend again. 

always the Odd one,



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