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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 1


69 kg. This is my starting weight. 

Now, I have my target weight up to 60kg, as I go along, I need to hit 55kg then I’ll maintain it from there which is my original weight in the first place. 

For now, this is gonna be hard for me. For starters, I’m lazy. But I really want to wear a dress, I want to fit in to my rings again. I want to be healthy. I want to be fast and alert. 

This is my exercise mat. Haha. It’s blue underneath for men. I picked red on top, since it’s for girls hahaha. 

In order to be that person, I need to do this weight loss. It will boost my confidence, and my spirit. 

Please be with me in this journey. I have 10 months to go. 

This is my calendar on the 30 day fitness challenge. It is under Easy Plan 1 for full body workout. Day 1. 

Just finished Day 1. I feel exhausted already. I CAN’T DO THE 10 SECONDS PLANK. SO FRUSTRATING. I CAN DO IT BY 2-3 SECONDS. 

But I need to keep going. I need water! Haha. 

The most challenging part here is the food. 

Atleast half of the rice intake that I regularly eat needs to be taken care of. 

For breakfast, I’ve eaten 1 boiled egg and 1 chicken wing with no rice. So goodluck to my diet. 

I have a long way to go.

always the Odd one,




Embracing Reality ...

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