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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 2

Easy Plan 1. 

Done with Day 2. I’m a girl so I can’t do the planking part yet. This is the time of the month so I’m frustrated and it hurts when I attempted to do the plank part. 

I have to get going. I’ve eaten fried fish with small amount of rice. I hope I won’t get hungry for lunch and I wish dinner won’t be tempting to eat. I guess I have to find out. 

I know this isn’t the hard part yet and I’m gonna wait for days to come to see if I can handle this. 

Thanks for your support guys, if there’s any. Haha. 

P.s. I need to stop eating the doughnuts in the fridge. Haha. 

always the Odd one,




Embracing Reality ...

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