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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Easy Plan 1. 

Whew. It’s not easy as it suppose to be. 

It’s getting harder and harder each day. And because of my condition, (girls will understand me), I can’t force to do the push up and plank. I replaced it with squats. 

I only ate spaghetti and pancit bihon this morning. Haha. No lunch for me. Again. 

I will put a picture of me, after 1 month so we will see if there’s a slight change… but I know it won’t. It’ll be within 3-4 months. Or so they say about 5-6 months for huge changes to happen. Haha. So excited. 

I don’t perspire much so that’s my challenge really. Whew. 

So guys, I need to rest. Laters!

always the Odd one,




Embracing Reality ...

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