Sleep was here

I was able to get some sleep when I got home from work. I need it. But I know, being gone from work too early will be deducted to my salary. And it will pain me by mid of february. 

I don’t like working there and as I’ve mentioned before, I have no choice. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m a bad influence or a demotivator, but I just don’t like being there. 

Anyhow, I’m starting to read books again and I’ll let you know the first book that I’ve finished this 2017 and even the books that I’m going to read right after the first one. A co-worker gave me a book today. He said it’s another copy of a book that they already have, so I’m grateful. 

I was wondering if I’ll be able to go back to sleep. I wanted to finish the book today, but I wanted to sleep. Haha. Can’t do these things at the same time. 

Then I just remembered my dream. I’ve been dreaming about our friend who passed for the second time. He’s walking hand in hand with his girlfriend but now she’s crying while holding hands with him. And he said, “Okay na siya.(She’s okay now.)”. It’s like a reassurance that everyone is alright. 

Til now this is hard to believe that someone that young, 24 years of age, so fragile and yet we know that he’s strong to fight it. 

When I look at my boyfriend, I am really afraid to lose him. I always wanted to cry everytime I’m with him, right after our friend’s incident. I wanted him to be healthy because nowadays, he feels something that’s not right. And I’m really scared. 

I can’t sleep thinking about it. 

Please don’t let it happen. 

Please, don’t. 

Yeah, I still feel like a ghost today. 

always the Odd one,



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