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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 4

Easy Plan 1. 

Haha. I’m actually surprised. There’s also a rest day? Aaww. Oh well, maybe it’s really necessary. It’s thursday. 

I just need to chill and stick to my diet. I ate 1 boiled egg (soft boiled) in the morning and 1 donut. Then 1 pack of biscuit this afternoon. I’m really not hungry… I don’t know why. It became a habit. But my body is not a miracle worke, so I still need to exercise, and take off this tummy! Haha. 

Usually, I don’t eat in the afternoon because I’m sleeping. My body clock requires me to sleep in the afternoon til evening since I’ve mentioned before that I’m in the graveyard shift. 11pm to be exact. 

If the app says to rest, then rest is my saviour today. 

See you tomorrow! 

P.s. for those who wants to use this app, it’s the 30 Day Fitness Challenge. C’mon, exercise with me. It’s not much but it’s worth a try! 

always the Odd one,




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