I’m tired right now. I need to rest from work. I’m not able to have my exercises for 2 days. I’m sorry. I swear I’ll continue it tomorrow. 

I’m watching the walking dead right now. I really love this series. I don’t like some of the characters but I like some of them. Especially Daryll. Even though he’s not one of the original characters. He’s so cool. Haha. And I love Glenn and Maggie. 

Still watching it. Can’t get enough of it. And by the way, I hate Lorie. Sorry Lorie’s fans, no offense. 

Well, as I’m watching it, I’ve been thinking about liking to have my hair colored like this…

This is what I’m planning to do tomorrow. I just hope it will become like this. If not, well, goodluck. Haha. 

These are the only thoughts that I wanna have instead of the negative things that’s been running through my mind lately. I’m angry, panicking, and getting impatient. Anyhow, I just have to suck it up and be brave. 

Till then. 

always the Odd one,



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