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30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 9

Easy Plan 1. 

No good improvements yet but I think it’s getting there. I just ate a 4 cheese pizza, potato wedges and shrimp pasta yesterday. Tsk. This is bad. I need to control myself. This is my struggle. 

I’m now going to work again for later. 

We didn’t go to my father’s grave even though it’s his birthday. I kept on thinking, is he really there? He’s in our hearts now. In our memories. I don’t wanna remember him weak. He’s a strong man. I know he’s guiding us. 

I know he also wants me to take care of my health. Of our health. I’m also dedicating this to him and to myself. I want him to know that I won’t let him down. 


always the Odd one,




Embracing Reality ...

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