An Unfortunate Event


I never wanted to talk about it anymore but, we trusted someone we shouldn’t trust. Somehow, he’s able to build the trust from several people and that’s us. Thus, I just wanted to let it out of my chest.

We knew he needs something. For his family. especially for his child. He borrowed money from us. He told us that there’s a job waiting for us. It’s a non-voice account. an email account. I was excited. We were. The job offer is kindda high and he informed us that he and the manager of tat account already arranged everything and we’re just down to the final and client interview.

Yeah, it’s too good to be true but we wanted to still try to see if it’s really true. I had my hopes up. Everybody did.

It’s just that, every time that we are near the call time, something will come up and he’ll come up with an excuse.

There’s an issue the communication at that time because we’re just text messaging each other. It’s a hell of a mess. A large one. We didn’t anticipated that someone would trick us. We wasted our time and he and the so-called manager who spelled the word Cab into ‘Cub’… now that’s suspicious. Not only that word but that so-called manager is not able to compose good sentences.

I’m not saying that I’m good at it, but it’s really obvious that professionalism is not observed on that person. They’re telling us that his child is in the hospital and the thing is, I showed up in that hospital but they made an excuse that they’re not there anymore or because he is too weak for me to let me see him in that sad situation.

We found out that they’re tricking us or he’s tricking us because of a simple take away. He texted us using the so-called managers number. Wrong send.

And we are stunned. Because we’re having some discussions that maybe he and the manager is only one person so that we’ll expect that there’s really a manager who’re we’re going to talk to on that company.

We are all pissed off. Mad. I don’t know who’s to blame.

Him, because he managed to make a huge scheme…

or Us, because we even believed it which is too good to be true…

I hate it. I hate that day.

This is the reason why I have trust issues. Sometimes you want to do something right… but there are some things that won’t go your way. Sometimes, people will try to do something different.

I believe in Karma. it will strike him, 100x.

I hope so.


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