Rollercoaster Elevator

Roller coaster Elevator

I once have this dream of going to work. If you know my work history, you would know me. For those who didn’t know about it, well, I’ll just say that I hate my job.

So, okay, back to the dream.

Maybe, unconciously, because of feeling like carrying a huge burden everytime I go to work, on why I had this dream.

It seemed like, me and 2 of my co-workers jumped in this elevator. It’s made of glass. You can see everyone from the outside.

Then later, I’m wondering, why does it feel like the elevator doesn’t go up to the 9th floor. I am astounded as when I checked, we were headed to a different route. Forward. And there it goes!

I don’t know what to do but we’re like in a roller coaster! It will go, ‘swooshhh’, straight forward then, left and right, where ever it feels like turning to. My body is being blown away so I have to hold on to one of my co-workers. Or sometimes to the handles of the elevator.

It sure is a bumpy ride.

It really felt like Im riding one of the toughest ride in Enchanted Kingdom, like the space shuttle but I havent rode it before, but now I think I know the feeling, and without the safety buckles or anything.

Especially the moment when we are about to drop from the highest peak of the ride. I sure am able to hold on for dear life.

That’s when I realized, Im able to go back home and checked the time that it’s already 11am. I thought my shift was 9am-6pm. Haha.

At the end, I didnt go to work and just went to sleep.

And thats when I woke up.

Maybe I really dont want to work and I just have no choice as of the moment, but still, it’s looks like a sign.


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