How long have I’ve been mad with a person?

Not much.

I can forgive them but I don’t forget what they did. It just kindda stuck to me.

Or maybe I’m just the forgiving type… I’ll be the bigger person in the picture. I wanted it to be. No pride must harm any relationship there is. It won’t take you anywhere but on the wall that can’t be cracked.

I always play in my mind the question, what if?

What if it’s my last day on earth, would you do something different then when I was alive?

What if I can’t bring back the relationship that we had before? Can we start all over again?

What if there’s too much to live for, but we take it for granted because we always thought that tomorrow can be a different day and there’s a chance that it might turn our luck around?

What if you won’t see that person again, would you like to know if you could turn back time and save anything that is lost?

Time is endless and we can’t turn back the specific date that we screwed up. Use it wisely. Once you have done something negative… learn to know what are the things that you need to do if you are mad about something.

Every clock is ticking.

Watch yourself doing the right thing. Other people will do the same to you.

If you’re angry, don’t hold a grudge. Talk to that person directly. It’s more effective to let everything out instead of holding everything in. It’s not healthy. Don’t wait for you to explode inside.

Take a deep breathe.

Let it out.


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