Cast Away

Cast Away

A  movie where Tom Hanks starred in, is an incredible success. He’s Chuck Noland. He belongs to a Fed Ex family whom had a plane crash accident and is a person who’s really accurate about Time. He has or rather had a girlfriend that he lost when he’s stuck on a remote island that no one knows where he might be.

The story is focused on Chuck’s ways of keeping himself alive as possible.

That’s how life works, isn’t it?

It will give a hell of a mess. A big dump of losing hope and letting yourself be a person who went totally insane because you’ve been talking to a volleyball whose name is Mr. Wilson. Well, I like that ball. But we can never blame Chuck of having such feelings as if he just wanted to die. He actually tried to hang himself but it go through as planned.

Hope is what matters most. If you have a lot of this in your heart, you’ll surely live. But there are times that, you’ll gain your life back, but… it will not go back to the way it’s suppose to be. Life deals with the desire that you really wanted to reach again with your hands and it will not give you that. It’ll give you something to figure out yourself.

We encounter misery, or even despair in one’s life. We can’t explain thoroughly how we’re going to tag along with the pain that’s been eating us since we can’t see any hope at all.

Yes. We struggle, but it’s part of it. It’s a test. Whether you like it or not, be ready. You’ll never know when our time runs out.

I, myself, have realized that, there’s still something that we can go and look forward to. It’s not a thing that we specifically wanted but, it’ll be better than that.

and don’t forget, every person have their own ‘Mr. Wilson’. It played well on Chuck’s life. Creating a boat to escape is one thing that you will think about once you are stranded. Who wouldn’t thought of that? Well, I can’t. I don’t know how to. Haha.

But then Chuck is rescued after 4 years. He is found. Got a neat shave. They told him they even had a funeral for him. The heartbreaking news is about his love of his life, Kelly, married to another man. He returned the clock that is given to him. He kept her picture.

He continued his life and didn’t expect anything more.

Don’t give up. Keep on moving forward.

Cast Away

Cast Away

Here’s the trailer of Cast Away:


[Reblogged and Edited from April 21, 2013]


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