3-weekend Off

I had this 3 weekend off for a schedule transition. Later, I need to report to work.

I’ve been jogging now every morning, sometimes, friday night. It’s totally refreshing. Maybe the 30 day challenge is really not working for me because I’m too heavy to lift my weight and I don’t want to sprain myself.

I’m not looking at the weighing scale so that I will surprise myself if there are any changes for 2-3months.

On friday night, we’re suppose to run but something happened and it didn’t go as we planned. I can’t go alone cause it’s too dark. I just waited for my boyfriend to come by and play our online game. Then fell asleep.

This is RO Mobile. I’m just a newbie. And this game is in chinese. I’m trying to learn the basics. I’m not active on this game cause I want to focus on real life. I miss half of my life trying to play a game that makes me miss the enjoyment of everything.

This is Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising. Harpy server before but now merges to Griffon. Then I quit the game. PeculiarS was the guild name. So many memories.

This was created when Rovu had this contest then it thwey will give a prize for the 20 participants who will send a groupie. We were one of the guilds who were chosen. The prize that I received was an r4 mercenary S. Those were the days.

Saturday morning, me, my mom, my brother and his girlfriend went to Tagaytay. 

We went to Sonya’s Garden and the aroma of the plants with flowers are overempowering. It’s overwhelming. It’s a good thing that we are the only ones there because we can take pictures. 

This is what they call the ‘Proposal Garden’. I guess if you bring your girlfriend here and you asked her to dress up, she’ll get the jist.

My shoes matched the pavements.

I enjoyed the stroll. We became hungry and ate an egg sandwich. I really love egg sandwiches. Yum!

Sunflowers with a pink rose.

This is like a sanctuary. And they accomodate bed and breakfast as well.

It’s like the garden of life.

I’m really a noob when it comes to taking pictures. Pardon me.

We then take off to Twin lakes. There’s a large piece of land where they’re constructing for condominiums. There are restaurants aligned within the area and the view is stunning.

What am I looking for? Haha. Nah, it’s just hot.

We ate at Bagoong Club. We’re so hungry and yet full at the same time. We ordered Lechon Kawali and Bulalo with bagoong rice! I want to go back and eat it again. Haha.

It’s hot at the time so after we ate, we went to Ayala Mall. It’s just 12 in the afternoon. After a quick stroll and relaxed a bit, we decided to go to Charito’s Bag of Beans.

It’s exquisite restaurant and taste of color is simple yet relaxing. It’s quiet and peaceful.

We ordered Milkshakes, strawberry, blueberry and mocha.

For dessert, a blueberry cheesecake and banana split. We’re only there for the sweets. Haha.

They have this function room. A bit colorful and fun! Good for family gatherings.

We even take pictures at the comfort room! It’s actually nice and clean. Neat.

We were so tired and wanted to sleep. We went home at 4pm.

Sunday morning, my mom and I went for a jog and planned for our future business. It’s a secret as of now but I’m excited to see what’ll be the outcome. I have to be fit in order to fit the job description. I have to start with myself. Discipline is the key.

That afternoon, my boyfriend and I watched Beauty and the Beast.

We are so near the screen but I loved it.

Credits to google. This is my favorite scene. They’re fragile and honest. Emma is so beautiful. She’s one of my inspirations through life, being a feminist and all.

I’m always questioning myself, how people can do what they do. They’re successful and happy. I wish I can do the same. But as they always say, there are no success if there are no failures.

Focus and free your mind.

Oh well, that’s all for today. It’s a magical weekend and hoping to have fun next week!